Our Original Lolita are a tribute to our beginnings, in each bag tradition is the protagonist, along with our Valencian history and an autochthonous flavor that has been preserved over time.

  • Product Specific Features

    – Natural Ingredients: Only selected potatoes, high quality sunflower oil and just the right amount of salt. No additives or preservatives.
    – Artisan Production Process: Cooked to perfection to guarantee a fine, crispy texture, maintaining the natural light yellow colour and characteristic flavour of the fried potato.

  • Sensory Profile

    – Texture: Thin and crunchy, ensuring a satisfying experience with every bite.
    – Colour: An attractive light yellow colour that invites you to taste.
    – Smell: The characteristic aroma of freshly made crisps.
    – Flavour: A pure and authentic taste of crisps, enhanced by sunflower oil and a subtle note of salt.

  • Ingredients and Nutritionals (per 100g)

    – Ingredientes: Patatas, aceite de girasol y sal. Sin gluten, sin alérgenos, con ingredientes 100% naturales y libres de aditivos artificiales.
    – Valor energético: 2263 kJ / 541 Kcal; Grasas: 34g, de las cuales saturadas: 5,1g; Hidratos de carbono: 50g, de los cuales azúcares: <0,5g; Proteínas: 6,2g; Sal: 0,6g.


    – Lolita’s Original crisps are the ideal choice for consumers looking for a traditional taste and crunchy texture, ensuring high shelf turnover and standing out in the retail sector for their quality. They encourage consumer loyalty in a competitive market and are perfect for cross-promotions, pairing them with drinks or complementary products. Their
    attractive packaging captures the consumer’s eye, and their availability in a variety of sizes caters for different types of consumers. Our Original potato range carries a high regional value, resonating with those who value local identity. They are ideally positioned within the snacking trend, and their
    promotion in advertising and marketing increases brand recognition, benefiting retailers. They are also versatile for events and seasons, adapting to the needs of seasonal campaigns.

Original 40 g
Original 140 g
Original 230 g
Original 420 g

 & Cía


Gourmet 40 g

Gourmet 150 g


Original 40 g

Original 140 g

Original 230 g

Original 420 g


Veggie Boniato 90 g

Veggie Chirivía 80 g

Veggie Mix Vegetal 90 g

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